Our contribution recording service is a streamlined process that organizes, tabulates and reports on weekly offertory. We utilize an automated barcode and scanning system whose benefits include:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Less burden on office staff
  • Mailed statements to individual members
  • Presentation-quality reports

Detailed reports are available at the end of the month and include:

  • Monthly Contribution Analysis – a summary of all collections by "class" and dollar amounts, plus a percent of use for all classes of envelopes
  • Pastor's Quarterly Report – lists each parishioner with their total contributions for the quarter and year-to-date
  • "Better" Contributor's Report – shows parishioners who gave at least one contribution of $50 and over
  • School Parents Report – shows the contributions made by parents who have children in the parish school
  • Descending Order Report – yearly report showing all of your parishioners (contributors and non-contributors) from those who were most generous to those who did not give

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