Thursday, May 16, 2019 - Rome, NY
Cathedral Corporation welcomes Shelley Sweeney as Senior Vice President and General Manager, Religious and Non-Profit Communications and Fundraising Business.

As the company continues to deliver strategic communication solutions to the Religious and Non-Profit markets, Sweeney’s presence will provide an immediate impact. Having past experience working with customers on a global scale, she has been involved in the transformation of businesses, helping to bring them to profit and growth. She manages the overall go-to-market strategy, including market analysis, identification of key business opportunities, sales coverage, product and solution requirements, marketing plans, customer engagement and relationships.

Marianne W. Gaige, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Cathedral, is very confident in Sweeney’s business development skills and her ability to connect with this sector. “Shelley’s unique experience enhances our ability to build and maintain strategic partnerships with our clients. Cathedral continues our commitment to deliver communication solutions supporting faith based and non-profit organizations. Her involvement will position them to continue to meet their mission and fundraising goals.”

Shelley spent 33 years with Xerox Corporation in a number of positions dedicated to engineering, sales, operations and marketing. Her most recent position was Vice President / General Manager for the Service Bureau, Catalog and Direct Marketing Sector, Graphic Arts Industry.

Holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Marketing, she also completed the Smith College Executive Management Program. In addition to her experience at Xerox, Shelley was an electrical engineer for ITT/Federal Electric Corporation.

About Cathedral Corporation
Creating opportunity from technological innovation has always been an important part of Cathedral Corporation’s strategy. Cathedral began working with the U.S. Postal Service in 1916 supplying mailed offering envelopes to its church customers. Throughout its history, the company has grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of community and member based organizations with a collection of services including but not limited to the following: The Essentials® Suite (specialized set of services developed to handle critical communication needs), data management, direct mail, print production, digital solutions and fulfillment services. Cathedral prides itself not only on the quality of its products, but also the quality of its relationships. Known for providing a personalized experience focused on superior customer service, tailored products and commitment to quality assurance, Cathedral continually excels at positioning its customers for growth. To learn more please contact Toni Schottenhammer at