Fundraising Programs

Fundraising Programs

With Cunneen Offertory Enhancement – A Cathedral Solution, a stronger tomorrow starts today.

Our mission is to help Catholic Dioceses, parishes, schools or other organizations be more financially secure and establish a connection with the community at large. Cathedral is the leading provider of Cunneen offertory enhancement, capital campaign consulting, and annual giving appeals. Integrating with our unparalleled data management, offering envelopes, e-giving, printing and mailing resources, we are able to carry our unyielding commitment to being your full-service provider of stewardship solutions.

Our Thoughts on Giving

One aspect of stewardship that is difficult for people to grasp is the giving of one’s treasure. We know that stewardship is much more than fundraising, but we also know that there is an important connection between the two. Parishes that embrace stewardship already understand the four characteristics from the 1992 pastoral letter on Stewardship, A Disciple’s Response:

  • Accountability
  • Generosity
  • Gratitude
  • Giving back to the Lord with increase

Good stewards are the best fundraising prospects because they live out this stewardship attitude. They give back to the Lord through their volunteer work and by the way they live out their commitment to Jesus.

Increased Offertory Program

Cathedral Corporation’s Increased Offertory Program (IOP) will have an immediate, positive impact on your church’s offertory income while also reducing staff time and effort. The IOP provides a meaningful and convenient method for ongoing, yearly renewal, and can be coordinated with effective offering envelope and e-giving choices. While the full integrated program has proven most practical and effective in general application, we’d be happy to advise and quote you on special needs, uses and/or modification of the elements in our Increased Offertory Program.

We combine the best and most widely proven influences in sound, effective giving development and foster the ideal of giving as a way of life.  We believe in our programs and offer an unprecedented guarantee - contact us to obtain the details.

  • The Spiritual—Scripturally-based influences and techniques are authentically combined and presented within the framework of the 1992 US Catholic Bishops' Pastoral Letter, Stewardship—A Disciple's Response
  • The Personal—Use of confidential, personalized mailings allows you to privately "speak" to your parishioners in the context of their actual giving habits and records
  • The Traditional—Effective new use of offering and envelope system options, integrating online giving, all tailored for your needs and designed to reinforce and support the renewal of increased giving

Cathedral’s IOP Consists of the Following:

  • Appeal Mailing
  • Follow-up Mailings
  • Thank-you Letter

Capital Campaign

Cunneen Enhanced Giving Solutions is grateful and excited to offer a customized program based on the capital campaign needs of an organization. Organizations can rely on us for capital fundraising support that enables full and successful participation. For over 100 years, Cathedral Corporation has been honored to assist Catholic organizations across the country in bringing capital fundraising initiatives to successful completion.

Cathedral’s Capital Campaign Consists of the Following:

  • Pre-campaign consultation
  • Feasibility Study
  • Professional fundraising counsel
  • Clerical work
  • Design, print and mail of the campaign components
  • Post-campaign services
  • All-inclusive program pricing

Appeal Campaigns

Cathedral is a partner in your stewardship journey. We encourage stewardship using personalized programs that gently, and spiritually, recommend gift amounts while delivering your message. Cathedral has served 170 of the 185 U.S. Dioceses across 48 states raising over $2 billion.

Diocesan Annual Appeals

Engaging donors will increase participation in your fundraising campaign. Consider how a personalized letter will allow you to directly speak to your donors about the need of your fundraising campaign. Cathedral has worked with various Dioceses and parishes offering strategies on donor acquisition, data optimization and increasing society level leadership participation.

Parish Direct Mail and Fundraising

Consider how a personalized pastoral letter delivered monthly, quarterly or annually will allow you to directly speak to parishioners about the need for their continued stewardship. Cathedral has worked with parishes throughout the country on a variety of communication programs. Let us show you how to engage your parishioners through a pastoral letter today.

Catholic Diocese Offertory Appeal

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